1. A Real Estate Agent Helps With Pricing

With a real estate agent, you, as a seller will price your home right. Not too high that it will sit on the market for too long, and not too low, that you will leave money on the table.  Buyers are protected by a real estate agent as he will guide them with comps to see if the home is priced right.

2. A Real Estate Agent Has Marketing Experience and Excess to MLS

A real estate agent will know how to put the word out about your property and will use multiple marketing channels to sell your home. If you’re the buyer, she will be able to access a large database to find properties for you.

3. A Real Estate Agent Negotiates better sales terms and prices

A good real estate agent is a master negotiator and will get you the best value in a professional way. He is interested in selling your home for a higher price because of the higher commission he will receive. If he represents you as a buyer, he will try to negotiate other favorable conditions into the contract (credit for painting walls or replacing carpets, for example).

4. A Real Estate Agent Points out unnoticed faults in a property

During a walk through, your real estate agent will tell you things that you need to repair or change before you put your home on the market.  If you’re the buyer, she will point out areas of concern, or opportunities for negotiation if you fall in love with the home.

5. A Real Estate Agent Represents your property well with highlighting features and opportunities

For sellers, a real estate agent will create the marketing materials and info in light of best describing your home’s best features. For buyers, he or she will point out opportunities, unique values in the home. He will compare it to others in the area and in that price range.

6. A Real Estate Agent Is connected to a network of professionals if you need to take care of repairs before selling a home or after buying a home

Real estate agents are well connected with local service professionals. They will recommend you reputable carpet cleaners, home inspectors, pest control people, mortgage loan officers, or lawn care companies. They will quickly be able to recommend someone to remedy the issue you need to fix.

7. A Real Estate Agent Knows the local area

They are a valuable resource about area schools, shopping, entertainment facilities, etc. Your neighborhood plays as important part of your new location as your new home will.


There are several more benefits of hiring a real estate agent to represent you. However, these are the most valuable ones. You’ll do yourself a favor of avoiding headache during your home selling or buying process. When you’re ready, call us if you’re ready to hire an experienced agent in the Denver Metro area 720-224-7577.