The first time I went out to clean the 3 streets we adopted in Parker, wearing my bright orange vest, picking up smelly trash, I felt as though I was being stared at and judged by the people driving by.  I remember asking God, “Please dear lord, am I supposed to be doing this?  Minutes later I found a $20 bill and I thought to myself, “YES I’m supposed to be doing this!”  The next month felt amazing!  I was actually picking up other people’s trash and feeling great about it!  I was outside with the sun in my face, giving back to our community and actually hitting 10,000 steps on my fitbit.  I thought to myself, “Life is GOOD!  More people should do this!”

As the months went on, I started noticing the trash, not just on The Corriere Group’s streets, but on every street I drove! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had an epiphany and I immediately drove down to the Parker Town Hall and spoke to Diane Lewis about the other streets in need of cleaning.  Diane said there were quite a few streets that needed some TLC, but there wasn’t enough interest or manpower. Of course, being the networking queen that I am, I had this fantastic idea to start an ADOPT-A-STREET Campaign to help keep our beautiful Town of Parker clean.

With my sash in hand and my crown on my head, I am using this platform to network with area business owners and citizens to raise awareness, galvanize pride in our community and be a positive role model and help keep our streets clean! Who knows, maybe there’s a $100 bill out there waiting to be picked up! If there is, it’s all yours!

Please join me THE SASH THAT PICKS UP TRASH, and help keep our back yard clean!  If you want more information on how to Adopt-A-Street contact Diane Lewis at or 303-840-9546.

Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Susan Corriere
Mrs. Parker 2019
Corriere Group LLC


The volunteer group agrees to pick up trash on the adopted section of street at least once per month April through September and once every two months October through March. Parker’s Engineering/Public Works Department provides participants with orange trash bags for debris removal and orange safety vests are available for those working on or near roads.

After the trash pick-up has been completed and the Engineering/Public Works Department is notified, crews are sent to collect the full trash bags on the morning of the next working day. Following the completion of the third trash pick-up, a recognition sign that lists the organization or individual that adopted the area will be posted in each designated location.