A real estate transaction can be a stressful time for just about anyone, from the brokers to the transaction coordinator, and even all the way down to the children of the buyers and sellers.  Securing loans, conducting walk-throughs, and performing inspections are all components of a lengthy – and at times, frustrating – process. However, it is not until prior to a closing that the real panic generally ensues.  The transfer of property can be for any number of reasons, but regardless of the purpose, it likely means that the pain-staking and stress-inducing process of moving personal possessions will be taking place.  To save time and anxiety, here are some great preparation suggestions to follow that are sure to relieve stress and help restore the confidence in a transaction:


Nothing sells a home better than having a clean, respectable property.  People will judge a house as soon as they pull up on a curb, so it is vital to keep the front of the yard (if applicable) looking above average.  This includes keeping plants alive, grass freshly cut, and pathways swept.  It shows potential buyers the seller is serious about selling their home, and provides them an incentive to buy a place that needs less work on the exterior.  Once under contract, having a spotless outside also makes it easier for inspectors to get around the house and do their work effectively and efficiently.

Similarly, a tidy inside of the house makes it easier for buyers to get around and complete their showings in a timely manner.  Rooms appear larger when there is less clutter, and sellers can even showcase how much storage space they have if items are properly packed away.  Organizing items prior to moving can help expedite the packing – and unpacking! – during a move, as sellers are less prone to lose track of important possessions if they already know where they are.  And of course, don’t forget to take advantage of our concierge services that our team provides (including free moving boxes and a free house cleaning) when choosing us as your broker!

Simply put, maintaining a clean space from the initial listing all the way through the closing presents the seller as professional and is sure to make selling a home just that much easier.


Often times during a transaction, contractors and other home maintenance vendors are a realtor’s best friend.  They do the dirty work – inspections, repairs, and landscaping, to name a few – and as such are a vital piece in the successful transfer of property.  Having a “go-to guy” picked out beforehand helps both buyers and sellers prepare for any curveball thrown their way and ensures that any problems that surface will be resolved much more quickly.  Just remember: the faster an issue is taken care of, the faster a home will close!  Both parties should have back-up plans in place too, as a second opinion never hurts.

The same could be said for the financing and appraisal in a transaction.  One company or loan officer may approve terms that another may not, so it is very important for buyers to consider many options to keep a deal possible.

All said, real estate transactions are very fluid and complicated in nature, so preparation is the best defense for both parties.  To lessen the stress of finding a good vendor, be sure to check out our list of preferred partners on our HomeKeepr app!


If someone is seriously considering buying or selling real estate, odds are they will try to keep updated with news about the local market.  After all, additional knowledge can only benefit them in a transaction.  Another good source of knowledge can often be attained by simply hiring a good broker.  Brokers have years of experience and have the legal obligation to keep their clients informed about all facts surrounding a transaction.  Having such a resource is valuable for many reasons, but none more so than that a respectable agent will always be available to answer questions before, during, and even after closing.

As previously stated, real estate transactions are very fluid situations and the best way to overcome obstacles is to be well prepared.  One way to do so is by maintaining solid contact with an agent.  Keeping in constant touch with the broker will keep confidence high among all parties, limit errors in communication, and keep vendor resources readily available (via the broker).  In legal terms, agents are expected to represent their clients, so it is vital the broker relays the information exactly as communicated to them.  Our team is no different – we only want the best for our clients, so we will constantly be in touch to make sure we do our job the right way: the way our clients expect us to!

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