Best Looking Yard

picture1Why take all that trouble to grow grass? A well-kept lawn is an outdoor refuge, a place for touch football and summer parties, “a carpet all alive,” said the poet William Wordsworth. Writer Katherine S. White called the lawn “a soft mattress for a creeping baby” that adds “restful green perspectives” to the landscape. Realtors say a nice lawn adds as much as 11 percent to the value of a home. Beyond curb appeal, tidy lawns are the connective tissue of neighborhoods, providing a common element that links our residences to one another and to nature. And researchers have recently discovered that chemicals released by a freshly mown lawn make people feel happy and relaxed, and may even prevent mental decline in old age. Today, about 80 percent of all American homes have lawns. But great sacrifices of time, energy, money, and natural resources go into mowing, trimming, edging, and feeding all that grass. As Little Richard once said, “The grass may look greener on the other side, but believe me, it’s just as hard to cut.” –The Week

With all that said, I look back at the many years of planting flowers, watering and mowing my own lawn and realized that takes time and commitment. Those people should be recognized and rewarded. Hats off to those people who take the time to make our neighborhoods look so great!  Congratulations to our 2016 WINNERS of the Cottonwood “Best Looking Yard” contest.  See you next year and don’t forget to send your nomination in for the 2017 “Best Looking Yard 2017.


Best Looking Yard Contest

Thanks to all who participated in The First Annual  Cottonwood “Best Looking Yard” contest.   See you in May 2017.

Meet the Neighbors

Meet Don and Mary Ann Parrot! Every morning, my wife, Mary Ann, and I leave our house on Ponderosa Ave. and walk towards Preservation Park (the rail station).  We bring along our Springer Spaniel (Molly) and our neighbor’s dog, Grover.  We cross two bridges (heading downstream) and turn into the Eagles Nest trail.  At the end, we retrace our steps, then returning through Cottonwood Park.  This leg of the trail is 4.5 miles (based on my Fit app).  Then we add a third neighbor’s dog, Sunnie, who is a 13 year old yellow lab.  She has arthritis so we limit this leg to 1.5 miles.

We are not expert birders but we enjoy watching the hawks (4 ft. wingspan), falcons, meadowlarks and many other kinds of birds.  Right now, many new types are migrating through the area.

We have also become friends with a dozen or so people who seem to follow our walking schedule.  Same thing is true of our dogs.



Cottonwood Community BBQ & Cook Off


Thank You to all our sponsors!

With the summer of 2016 coming to an end we were very fortunate that Mayor Mike Wade came to meet the neighbors. Thanks Mayor for visiting!

A big thanks to Chris from Tonti’s Pizza, Shawn with Catalyst Lending, Mike owner of Flat Acre Farms, Jami with Farmers Insurance, The Corriere Group and King Soopers.

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