Commercial Sector’s Market Performance

As we roll on towards the summer months, the prices of homes hitting the real estate market can be expected to increase.  School’s out, the weather’s nicer, and the days last longer – all providing the incentive for buyers to get out and scope out their next potential place they’ll call home.  Consequently, prices will [...]

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Why do some houses sit in this HOT market?

Can you put any house on the market today in Denver and it will sell? This is true to some degree but it really boils down to the same factor it always has– price. If it’s priced right it will most likely sell. What sometimes occurs in this type of market is people get too [...]

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Commercial Real Estate Market In Denver

Having focused on the residential market in my last blog, I will take this opportunity to direct my attention to my specialty: the commercial real estate market.  As you’ll read below, there are several similarities between both markets in the way that they are growing and operating. Like the residential industry, we are seeing record [...]

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Happy New Year Denver

I’d first like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  As the calendar flipped to 2016, like me, you probably made a few resolutions with the expectation of bettering your life in the long year that lies ahead.  I hope that you achieve your goals, and I will do my best to [...]

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