Selling Your Home


Did you make the decision to sell your home? Are you looking for ways to make your home stand out from the crowd? While the Denver housing market is still a seller’s market, we suggest you be proactive. How long a home stays in the MLS system depends on quite a few variables. To help you with easy to implement ideas, we collected a few key elements that will help your property generate more interest, and your home selling a pleasant experience.


Tips To Get More Attention from Buyers


  1. Curb Appeal – What’s the first impression your potential buyers will have? It’s your curb appeal. As they’re heading to your entrance, they’ll be forming an opinion already. Try adding small accessories, staging a sitting area, or planting a few flowers. Trimming the hedges can help, too. These details will gear your potential buyers to be enticed to want to see more.


  1. Declutter – Clean your counter spaces, go through your closets and donate your old clothes and items that you don’t need anymore. Consider renting a storage unit if you have collections that take up a lot of room. Remember, you’d like to show all the potential space in your home so the buyers can imagine their furniture and other belongings in it.


  1. Repaint walls to neutral colors – The downstairs bathroom may be your favorite part of your home, that you painted red a few years ago, but that may be one of the features that your potential buyers will dislike. Repainting walls to neutral colors will help show house hunters the potentials for their taste.


  1. Depersonalize – Leaving only a few pictures (or none) of your family members gives buyers a chance to imagine their loved ones’ faces on the walls. Bold pieces of art, as well as other personal items should also be removed. Your goal is to allow potential buyers to use their imagination to picture their collections around the new space.


  1. Staging – Hiring a professional stager can be a good idea, also. They can help you in different ways. One of the things they may do, is rearrange your existing furniture and accessories to show better. They may bring in a few new items to bring out the best of your home. He or she may just suggest you buy or rent a few additional design elements.


With these easy to implement tips, you should be on the right track to bring the best out of your home that you’d like to sell. If you’re still looking for a real estate agent to represent you, we, at the Corriere Group would encourage you to reach out to us here.